Communities and Identities

The problem field of the Department of Communities and Identities is situated within the relevant research fields of modern world science, and within fields related to the specific situation of Bulgarian society in the context of globalization and European integration, understood as complex social processes of transformation and modernization encompassing all social strata and levels, all social structures. Hence, the area of research builds upon current traditions of sociological, ethnosociological, and social-psychological studies on the challenges in Bulgarian social time and space. In accordance with national priorities in science (social relationships and structures, national history and culture, reassessment of social values, social construction, education, problems of minorities and cultural interaction), several priority orientations have been defined for the Department:

  • Social stratification, inequalities, social mobility
  • Quality of life, lifestyle and consumption models
  • Social gender and women’s studies
  • Middle class
  • Elites
  • The new “culture of poverty”
  • Entrepreneurship, small and middle business
  • Еuropean policy, social policy and labour market
  • Changing identities and nation state in the course of globalization and European integration
  • Social time and lifeworlds
  • Social capital and its transformations, changing communities
  • Civil society and the new ethnic communities
  • Ethnic tensions, ethnic cohesion, ethnic exclusion
  • Spaces of ethnic silence and interethnic dialogue
  • Social distances, We- and They- images, social representations, prejudices, and stereotypes in late modernity
  • Rural sociology         

Staff Members

1. Prof. DSc Maya Keliyan – Head of Department

2. Prof. DSc Tanya Nedelcheva

2. PhD, Assoc. Prof. Albena Nakova

3. PhD, Assist. Prof. Galina Koleva

5. PhD, Assoc. Prof. Sergey Rozhkov

6. PhD, Assist. Prof. Dona Pickard

7. PhD, Assist. Prof. Svetlana Hristova

8. PhD, Assist. Prof. Georgi Medarov

9. PhD, Assist. Prof. Chavdar Marinov

Tzetzka Hadgigeorgieva – PhD Student

Dimitrina Popilieva – Secretary