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Main research areas:

  • Social risks.
  • Crime, hate crimes.
  • Deficits and risks in children’s socialization.
  • Discrimination and inequalities.
  • Problems of vulnerable social groups – young people and children, people with disabilities, drug addicts, people living with HIV/AIDS, juvenile delinquents, children at risk, poverty and deviant behavior, etc.
  • Migration.
  • Transnational families.
  • Political parties in Bulgaria, ethnic parties, ethnic entrepreneurs and conflicts.
  • Sustainable development, environmental risks.
  • Technoscience, Industry 4.0 and sustainable development.
  • Innovations, high-tech infrastructures and regional development.
  • Information technologies and modern way of life – new technologies and social inequalities.


The scientists of the department are experts with high professionalism, sought for joint research and expertise by foreign and Bulgarian scientific organizations and state institutions.

The researcher’s realize an active teaching activity in various universities such as Sofia University St. Climent Ohrdiski, University of National and World Economy, Higher School of Security and Economics (Plovdiv), Russe University Angel Kanchev. They have lectures at the PhD School at the Training Center of BAS. 

The department proposes PhD programs in sociology in different areas such as risks, deviant behavior, ecological problems, discrimination, and equality.


Head of Department
Scientific Secretary Doctoral Programmes
Correspondence PhD student
Correspondence PhD student
Technical Assistant

Externally funded projects from recent years:

Personal and institutional strategies for risk prevention and management: specifics and determinants. 2021-2024. Scientific Research Fund. Head Prof. Dr. Anna Mantarova.

MILIEU: Women, disabilities and inclusion. Scientific excellence in Bulgaria, Horizon 2020, 2021-2023. Coordinator of the project and head of the Bulgarian team, Assoc. Dr. Luba Spasova.
The intensified immigration processes in the EU: societal reactions in Bulgarian and Polish society. International project with Poland. Head L. Spasova. 2018-2020
Social Environment and Deviance: Enduring Addictions and Situational Influences. Social deviations in the conditions of intensive migration processes. 2016-2021 Scientific Research Fund. Head Prof. Ph.D. Anna Mantarova.
Radicalization in everyday life: factors and mechanisms for the normalization of radicalization and violence among youth. FNI, 2016-2019. Head Assoc. Dr. Lyuba Spasova.
Radicalization and hate crimes in contemporary Bulgarian society, funded by a competition for young scientists of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 2016-2017. Head Assoc. Dr. Lyuba Spasova.
Societal reactions to Bulgarian and Polish migrants in Great Britain after 2004 – joint project of BAS and PAN, 2015-2017, Head Assoc. Dr. Lyuba Spasova.


Main publications

Collective monographs
Migration. Deviations. Risks. Sofia 2021, Izd. Snowmode.
Ethnic Dimensions of Social Integration. OMDA, 2013. ISBN 978 954 9719-28-4, 2013.
Socialization and Deviant Behavior. OMDA, ISBN 978-954-9719-30-7, 2013.
Minors and violence, Sofia, Institute of Sociology. ISBN 978-954-9719-18-5.


Collective Proceedings

Sustainable Development: Inter- and Intragenerational Aspects. Sofia, Avangard prima. 2020.
Forced Migration: Regional and National Dimensions of a Global Problem   Ed. Avangard prima, 2018.
Dimensions of environmental culture. Ed. Alya, 2012.
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