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Anna Mantarova

2018 – until recent Head of Social Control, Deviance and Conflicts Department 2015 – until recent Professor, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 2014 – Doctor of Sociological Sciences (DSc)

Bogdana Todorova

Bogdana Todorova is a researcher in the Philosophy of Religion (Islam), Professor, DSc, Deputy Director of the Institute оf Philosophy and Sociology, BAS. Head of Department “Social theories, strategies and prognoses” (2015 – until now) and “Philosophy of Religion”. Head of the Network of international experts of Religion on the Balkans. Author of 6 books […]

Tatyana Petrova Batuleva-Kancheva

Professor DSc: Topic “Contemporary feminist theories of difference (2018) PhD: Topic “French philosophy and Bulgarian philosophical culture (1989) Head of Department “History of Philosophical and Scientific Ideas” Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (2019 to present) Translator of works by Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Derrida, Luce Irigaray, Georges Duby, Charles […]