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Hristina Ambareva works in the field of cultural studies, values and internet research. Since 2004, she has actively participated in more than 15 national and international projects. She specialized in the Japanese cultural industry at the Department of Sociology of Kyoto University (2008–2010). In 2019, she published the monograph “Internet Culture and How it is Changing the World”, which examines the change of cultural value in digital society, open source as a cultural value, and the effect of digitalization on political action. In 2021–2023 she is leading a collective research project in the field of education and digitalization, where her main interests are in the philosophy of technology.

digital society and internet culture values, knowledge, and education in the digital age philosophy of technology EU democracy and disinformation

Културата на интернет и как тя променя света

2021-2023: Rethinking Bulgarian Education for 21st century. Collective project of the Department of Social Theories, Strategies and Prognosis. Financed by BAS.” Project leader: H.Ambareva
2015-2017: Collective research project България в Европейския съюз – изводи, конфликти, рискове и перспективи.” Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Borislav Gradinarov. Financed by BAS.
2015-2017. Collective research project title: „Culture and Values in Late Modernity “. Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Bogdana Todorova. Partners: ISSK-BAS and Institute for Philosophy at the Romanian Academy of Sciences.
2013-2014. “The Usage of the Internet for Religious Purposes in Bulgaria.“ Collective research project: “Church and Culture in Romanian and Bulgarian history and nowadays. The future of religion on the Balkans.” Project leader: Associate prof. Bogdana Todorova, PhD, Institute for Research of Societies and Knowledge. Partners: Romanian Academy of Sciences and Bucharest Institute of Philosophy.
2013-2014 “The Role and Importance of the Digital Inequalities in Bulgaria.” Collective research project title: „New forms of inequality and transformations of power mechanisms “. Project leader prof. Ivan Katsarski. Financed by ISSK-BAS.