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publishing activity:сп. “Етически изследвания”

Normative ethics, Cyberethics, Early Modern and Modern Philosophy.

Mikov, I. (2021) The Ethical Codes. Sofia, Iztok-Zapad. (In Bulgarian) ISBN:978-619-01-0805-4;
Mikov, I. (2020) Moral Principles and Norms in the Ethics of Immigration. In: Otherness as a Moral Challenge (The Bulgarian Context), Faber, V. Tarnovo, pp. 25-58. (In Bulgarian) ISBN:978-619-00-1242;
Mikov, I. (2020) The Trivial Ethos of Transhumanism. In: Ethical Studies, 5/2, pp. 55-70. (In Bulgarian) ISSN:2534-8434.