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Margarita Gabrovska has a master’s degree in Integrative Bioethics (Sofia University) and a doctorate in Philosophy (2.3. Ethics), defended in 2018, with a dissertation on the topic “Ethical aspects of specialized institutional care: palliative care for children”. She is part of the Department of Ethical Studies since 2021. Her academic interests are in the field of applied ethics, ethics of biomedical research, social philosophy and existential philosophy. Dr. Gabrovska’s field of work and research covers issues of bioethics and medical ethics, ethics of care, disability studies, and narrative ethics.


Bioethics, Narrative Ethics, Social Philosophy, Human Rights

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1. ETHICS AND FUTURE. The growing importance of ethics in making sense of possible futures. The Bulgarian context. 2021-2024.
2. Expanding the ethical debate in Bulgarian society. 2021-2023.