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publishing activity:Гл. редактор на сп. "Balkan Journal of Philosophy"

epistemology of music, philosophy of perception, philosophy of memory

Bakalova, Marina. (2021) “The Epistemic Value of Music” Organon F, 28, 2.
Bakalova, Marina (2021) “Learning Emotion Concepts: Further Thoughts on Emotional Granularity” Balkan Journal of Philosophy, 13, 2, 2021.
Bakalova, Marina (2020) “Beyond Wittgenstein’s Musical Formalism” in 130 years Ludwig Wittgenstein: 1889-2019. Center for Open Access in Science, Belgrade, Serbia.
Bakalova, Marina, Minina, Radostina (2020) “Learning Self-Awareness: Lessons from Social Robotics” in Proceedings of 2020 International Conference Automatics and Informatics (ICAI), IEEE.
Bakalova, Marina, Minina, Radostina (2019) “OMNIBOT: A Robotic Verticalization Mobility System for People with Disabilities” in Proceedings of 2019 International Conference Automatics and Informatics (ICAI), IEEE.