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Rosen Lutskanov graduated in Philosophy at Sofia University. He defended a PhD thesis on the history and philosophy of mathematics at the Institute of Philosophy, Bulgarian Academy of Science. Currently, he is an Associate Professor and member of the problem group of logic at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology. Rosen has published two books: “The incompleteness phenomenon” (in Bulgarian, 2008), and “The faces of Proteus” (in Bulgarian, 2013), along with over 60 peer-reviewed papers in Bulgarian and English. He is member of the editorial board of Balkan Journal of Philosophy and Vice President of the Bulgarian Society for Analytic Philosophy. Rosen has taught courses on critical thinking (at New Bulgarian University), philosophy of AI (Sofia University), and philosophy of psychology (University of Plovdiv). His current research interests are related to logic, social choice theory, and epistemology.


mathematical logic, history and philosophy of mathematics, epistemology, metaphysics, artificial intelligence, rational choice theory, argumentation

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October 2013: Moore’s paradox and epistemic entitlement. (Logical
Systems and Models Workshop, Department of Logical Systems and Models,
ISSK-BAS, Sofia)
July 2013: Restricted knowability (Department of Logic Annual Conference,
ISSK-BAS, Sofia)
June 2013: Whitehead’s conception of the nature of mathematics in
“Mathematics and the Good” (Workshop on the later philosophy of A. N.
Whitehead, ISSK-BAS, Sofia)
August 2012: Moore’s problem and the defeasibility analyses of knowledge
(Workshop on Logic, ISSK-BAS, Sofia)