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DSc: Topic “Contemporary feminist theories of difference (2018)
PhD: Topic “French philosophy and Bulgarian philosophical culture (1989)
Head of Department “History of Philosophical and Scientific Ideas”
Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (2019 to present)
Translator of works by Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Derrida, Luce Irigaray, Georges Duby, Charles Nodier, etc.
Philosophy teacher at the “Victor Hugo” Lycée at the Embassy of the Republic of France in Bulgaria (1999-2002)
Member of the Standing Committee for Humanities and Arts at the National Accreditation Agency (2015-2021)
Member of the BAS Management Board (2018 to present)
Member of the international editorial board of the magazine “Philosophical Alternatives” (from 2011 to present)

Feminist Philosophy; Bulgarian Philosophical Culture; French Philosophy; Philosophical Receptions;

Contemporary Interpretations of Feminity. Axia Academic Publishers, Vienna, 2019
On the interpretation of values in Radoslav-Andrea Tsanoff’s Works// Phil.Alternatives, 2023/2
Subject and responsibility, IK”St. Ivan Rilski”, 2010
French philosophy in Bulgarian philosophical culture. Anthology (together with A. Stoynev), 2014
French philosophy between modern and postmodern rationality, BDFEFK and “Petrov-Consult BM”, 1994
La pensée philosophique bulgare: tradition historique et accents contemporains// Concordia: Internationale Zeitschrift für Philosophie, 73, Wissenschaftsverlag Mainz, 2018.
Philosophical Receptions: Transmissions, Affinities and Originality, Ed. T. Batuleva, 2014
European influences in the Bulgarian philosophical culture (together with N. Dimitrova), 2013
Togetherness, or about feminist approaches to architecture//Philosophical alternatives, 2/2021
Responsibility between ontology and ethics: Hans Jonas and Emmanuel Levinas. Community, Praxis and Values in a Postmetaphysical Age (Studies on Exclusion and Social Integration in Feminist Theory and Contemporary Philosophy, Axia Academic Publishers, Vienna, 2015

Philosophy and Art History: New interpretations of Nikolay Raynov’s work (2020-2023)
European influences in Bulgarian philosophical culture (2011-2014)