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Tsvetanka Goranova is an assistant professor at the Institute for Philosophy and Sociology, department of History of Philosophical and Scientific Ideas.
The title of her PhD thesis is “The views of Bulgarian ethnology community on discipline interactions in ethnological cognition (the end of 19th century and the first half of the 20th century)”.
She does extensive research on the works and legacy of Hristo Vakarelski and Ivan Shishmanov.

Scientific interests of History of Science; Ethnological knowledge; The creative biographies of scientists such as Ivan D. Shishmanov, Mikhail Arnaudov, Hristo Vakarelski, Anastas Ishirkov, etc.

„Hristo Vakarelski’s contribution to the complex Bulgarian studies designed by Ivan D. Shishmanov”, – In: SIGNS AND MEANINGS in theoretical interpretation and pragmatic communication., Faber, V. Tarnovo., 2019, ISBN: 9-786190-0089-10, pp. 153-192;
„About “Nationalism as a Constructive Force” (Review of the book “Nationalism as a Constructive Force” by Pl. Damyanov)”, // Bulgarian Dawn, 2019, issue 1, pages 10, 12;
“An alert awareness of the problems of the world (Review of the book “The Necessary Renaissance” – a new collection of articles by Prof. Plamen Damyanov)”, // Bulgarian Dawn, 2022, issue 43, pages 11, 12

„Ivan Shishmanov and Hristo Vakarelski: lineages in scientific creativity”