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Vihra Ivanova Pavlova is a Doctor of Philosophy, Assist. Prof. in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Department of Social Theories, Strategies and Prognosis.
Doctoral Dissertation: “Transformations in geopolitics and new methods and practices of geopolitical forecasts”, 2018.
She is the author of the monograph “The Role of the Asia-Pacific in Global Geopolitical Transformation”, East-West, 2020.
Her publications are in the field of forecasting in geopolitics, the political philosophy of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, regional and transregional organizations and associations in Asia and Eurasia.

Political philosophy, chronopolitics, geopolitics, futurology, global forecasting

Planned Collective Project “Civilizational Challenges for Bulgaria and the European Union (Conflicts, Risks and Transformations)” with the supervisor Prof. Borislav Gradinarov, PhD, 2019 – 2022.
Approved by Protocol №3/22.01.2019 of the Scientific Council of the Institute of International Relations, BAS