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Islam, radicalism, national security, dialogue between religions, refugees, philosophy of religion

Israel between Evangelism and Jafarism. 2021 Iztok Zapad Publishing House [Израел между евангелизма и джафаризма, 2021, изд. Изток Запад] ISBN 978-619- 01-0856-6
Daesh Non-Islamic State. 2016 Iztok Zapad Publishing House [Даеш неислямска държава, 2016, изд. Изток-Запад] ISSN 978-619-152-859-2
Al Qaeda with Pen and Sword. 2007. Iztok Zapad Publishing House [Ал Кайда с перо и сабя, 2007, изд. Изток-Запад] ISBN 978-954-321-380-1