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Tourism Diplomacy in Cold War Europe: Symbolic Gestures, Cultural Exchange and Human Rights

New article by Asst. Dr. Elitsa Stanoeva “Tourism Diplomacy in Cold War Europe. The text examines the long and tortuous process of negotiations between Bulgaria and Denmark to conclude a bilateral agreement on tourism cooperation in the context of the Cold War. Analysing the arguments and dilemmas of both sides, the article illuminates the intersections between international tourism and foreign trade, cultural exchange and human contacts and how they fit into the domestic and foreign policies of Bulgaria and Denmark.

The article is open access and can be downloaded here:

Fifth Anniversary of the International Conference “Philosophy Today”

From 02-05 June 2024 the jubilee conference “Philosophy Nowadays: Philosophical Approaches on Cultural Heritage, Resilient Communities and Future Times” occurred. The edition was specially due to celebrate 50 years of organizing and holding the first International Conference on Philosophy.