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Questioning Knowledge: At the Fringes of Reason

На 3 април 2018 Институтът за изследване на обществата и знанието, секция „Знание и реалност: модели, методологии и евристики“ организира международна философска конференция Questioning KnowledgeAt the Fringes of Reason, със специален гост проф. Мишел Вебер, основател на Центъра за философска практика в Брюксел.


Questioning KnowledgeAt the Fringes of Reason


International Conference of Philosophy with special quest prof. Michel Weber, founder of the Centre for Philosophical Practice in Brussels






At the end of the past millennium natural science emerged as a paradigm of human knowledge in general. The rigor of its evidential standards, the elegance of its mathematical structure, the internal coherence of its received theories, and the predictive success of its experimental corroborations are viewed as an ideal which all other forms of knowledge should strive to achieve. This suggests that it is of utmost importance to explore systematically the various known attempts to question the function of knowledge and to access its relevance, to weight its grounds, and, last but not least, to explain its ostensible attractiveness in different cultural contexts. The present interdisciplinary workshop shall strive to sketch the possible answers of these questions.








Prof. Vesselin PETROV – Institute for the study of Societies and Knowledge, BAS









Session I



Prof. Michel WEBER The Experience of Opacity„- Centre for philosophical practice, Brussels










Session II


Prof. Engelsina TASEVA – “A little „retro“: knowledge as reflection”-Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Prof. Daniela IVANOVA – „The Aims of Science“– Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


11.20 Coffee Break 15.10 Coffee Break









Prof. Marina BAKALOVA – “The Opacity Problem and some Conditions for Subjective Justification“  -Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Prof. Petia TODOROVA – Essay and experience“-Bulgarian Academy of Sciences“


Ph.D Radostina Minina – „The Epistemological Problem of Subjective Justification“– Bulgarian Academy of Sciences










Prof. Rosen LUCKANOV – “Questioning Self-Knowledge“-Bulgarian Academy of Sciences“


Ph.D Lina GEORGIEVA – The relationship between applied and process ontology in the interdisciplinary stance regarding AI“- Bulgarian Academy of Sciences





Lunch Break




Closing of the conference

Събитието ще се проведе в Заседателната зала на ул. „Сердика“ №4

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