Social Theories, Strategies, and Prognosis

The Department of Social Theories, Strategies and Prognosis is part of the subdivision of IPS (former ISSK) “Inequality and Social Change“.



The Department explores common characteristics of modern societies, the dynamics and prospects of their development; develops normative and descriptive forecasts and strategies for social development. Its associates are included in various national and international research networks.

The Department covers the following research fields: philosophy of politics, law and economics, Future Studies, social theories, philosophy and theory of history, religion and security, anthropology.

♦ The Department of ‘Social theories, strategies and prognoses’ at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology – BAS and other Balkan countries started a discussion on the COVID-19 Pandemic at its very beginningWe attempted at exploring possible mechanisms to avoid 3 types of crisis: medical, economic and psychological, and to consider optimistic scenarios, outlining desirable paths to follow. As Thomas Piketty once noted, what really matters is How we change the system, in what direction. And, how does our philosophical reflection deal with the need for true politics, as Slavoj Zizek has mentioned in his recent book ‘Pandemic’. We would like to express our special gratitude to the colleagues from the Center for strategic researches (CESNA-B)for their kind support and efforts to publish this Collection of papers.

♦Department “Social Theories, Strategies and Forecasts” held on December 3, 2020 an International conference onSection “Social Theories, Strategies and Forecasts” held on December 3, 2020 an international conference on the topic: Social-Humanitarian, Scientific and Cultural Relations of Azerbaijan and Bulgaria

dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Azerbaijan National Academy, under the patronage and with the personal participation of the Vice President of the Azerbaijan Academy, Academician Isa Habibeyli. The conference is a project of the EBR between ANAS and BAS

♦Department “Social theories, strategies and prognoses” organizes an International conference, dedicated to the World Philosophy day: “Creativity in Between

♦Due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department “Social theories, strategies and prognoses“ will continue operating from home. Due to the nature of our job, related to expertise, strategies and forecasting, we will continue our scientific work online by regularly uploading various materials and forecasts, from our colleagues and from our foreign partners, under the rubric: “Philosophy during time of Pandemic”.


Пандемия и добро управление (някои предварителни бележки), Благовеста Николова

Global Transformative Leadership in the 21st Century: A Science, Engineering, Technology Integrated and Strategic Perspective by Rodolfo A. Fiorini, Carlos Alvarez-Pereira, Garry Jacobs, Donato Kiniger-Passigli, Alberto Zucconi, Nebojša Nešković, Herwig Schopper, Vojislav Mitic, Hazel Henderson, Mariana Todorova, Witold Kinsner & Luigi Cocchiarella

The coronary crisis as a chance for the countries of Southeast Asia and a challenge for China in the region by Vihra Pavlova

Body’s freedom vs spirit’s freedom or about the paradoxes of freedom in the time of the Covid-19 by Lorena Stuparu

COVID-19 AND LIFE AS AN END by Hristina Ambareva

A Veil of Pandemic: Universal Ethics for the Global Willage of Human Family by Cafer Sadık Yaran

What is the task of philosophers in the post-coronavirus world? by A. Kadir ÇÜÇEN

НА КОЛЕНЕ ПРЕД COVID-19 (некарантинирано размишление), Иван Кацарски

Aesthetics in the pandemic time by Mihaela Pop

О философии и этике в условиях пандемии, Ильхам Мамедзаде



2016-2018. Democratization, religious identity and fundamentalism in Romania and Bulgaria. International project. Coordinator in Bulgaria: Assoc. Prof. Bogdana Todorova. Partners: ISSK-BAS and Institute of Political Science and International Relations ”Ion I.C. Brătianu” of the Romanian Academy, according to the bilateral co-operation between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Romanian Academy.

2015-2017. Culture and Values in Late Modernity. International project, according to the bilateral co-operation between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Romanian Academy. Coordinator in Bulgaria: Assoc. Prof. Bogdana Todorova. Partners: ISSK-BAS and Institute for Philosophy at the Romanian Academy of Sciences.

2016-2017. The Balkans and migrant crisis in the context of transformation of the European border control. Financed by a Grant Program for Young Scientists. Coordinator:   Assoc. Prof. Borislav Gradinarov. Participant: Assist. Prof. Blagovesta Nikolova.

2016-2020. Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories (COMPACT). Financed by COST. International project. Coordinator: Dr. Peter Knight (University of Manchester, UK). Team-leader in Bulgaria:  Assoc. Prof. Todor Hristov, (Sofia University). Participants: Assoc. Prof. Ivelina Ivanova.

2015-2018. Bulgaria in the European Union – conclusions, conflicts, risks and perspectives. Project coordinator Assoc. Prof. Borislav Gradinarov. National project. Participants: Prof. Ivan Ktzarski, cor.-member Vassil Prodanov, Assoc. Prof. Bogdana Todorova, Assoc. Prof. Ivelina Ivanova, Assist. Prof. Hristina Ambareva, Assist. Prof. Blagovesta Nikolova, Iva Kuyukdzieva, PhD student.

2013-2014. New forms of inequality and transformations of power mechanisms. Project coordinator prof. Ivan Katsarski. National project. Financed by ISSK-BAS.

2013-2015 Church and Culture in Romanian and Bulgarian history and nowadays. The future of religion on the Balkans. Coordinator: Associate prof. Bogdana Todorova, PhD, Institute for Research of Societies and Knowledge. International project. Partners: Romanian Academy of Sciences and Bucharest Institute of Philosophy.

2013-2015 The Future of Religion (Global Christianity and Islam) Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Bogdana Toodrova, ISSK.

2013 Social analytics of the protests in Bulgaria in 2013. A research project of Assist. Prof. Hristina Ambareva, part of the research program ”Fragmentation of Bulgarian Society: social factors, structural dimensions, and value projections. Coordintor: prof. Rumiana Stoilova, ISSK.

2012-2015 Bulgaria in Changing Geopolitical Environment. International project. Beneficiaries: Russia Institute for Strategic Research in Moscow and University for National and World Economy, Sofia. Bulgarian coordinator: Cor. Member, Prof. Vassil Prodanov.

2014 The Unrepresented: Heterodox Solutions to the Crisis of Political Representation. Funded by “Rosa Luxembourg”Foundation, Berlin.

2012 The Bulgarian Contribution to the Cultural Diversity of the World – Theory and Praxis, Project “Bulgarian in Balkan and European Context”, The Union of the Thracian Associations in Bulgaria, 2012.


On-going monthly seminar with reports and discussions: “The Role of Bulgaria in the European Union”.


Staff Members

Prof. DSc Bogdana Todorova – Head of Department

Prof. DSc Borislav Gradinarov

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Hristina Ambareva

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Mariana Todorova

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Blagovesta Ilieva

PhD, Assist.Prof. Iva Manova

PhD, Assist. Prof. Nevena Ivanova

PhD, Аssist. Prof. Vihra Pavlova

PhD, Аssist. Prof. Silvia Pencheva

Gergana Kosturska – PhD Student

Assos. Member: Corr. Member Prof. DSc Vasil Prodanov


Radina Bogomirova – Secretary