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Third Sofia International Conference on Ontology – 2012 (First Announcement)


Dynamic Being   (21 – 24 June 2012; Sofia, Bulgaria)

Conference description:

The idea:  The conference is meant to bring together scholars working on dynamic aspects of ontological issues. The idea is to try to establish important commonalities between process research, research concerning interactions between mind and world, as well as their possible formalizations with the objective of enabling further interdisciplinary research.

The aim: The aim of the conference is to explore some outstanding contemporary trends in ontology, especially those connected with the contemporary results in dynamic ontology. Particularly important will be analytic and continental perspectives on dynamic ontology; dynamic approaches to mind, language and cognition; and formal aspects of processes.

See the First Announcement

Покана от секция Философия на науката: лекция на проф. Джейкъб Стегенга от университета в Кеймбридж, Великобритания

Секцията има удоволствието да Ви покани на лекция на проф. Джейкъб Стегенга от Университета в Кеймбридж на тема “Norms of Scientific Assertion”. Тя ще се проведе на 05 февруари 2024