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COCOREADO evaluation of good practices on novel and fair food systems’ innovative initiatives was kicked-off with a case from Bulgaria

Between 1st and 3d of June @COCOREADO evaluation of good practices on novel and fair food systems’ innovative initiatives that enhance the position of the farmer, through reconnecting producers and consumers was kicked-off. The first case, evaluated by the IPS project partners, is from Borima village located in the Central-North region of Bulgaria. The aim of this initiative, created through pastoral farming in Natura 2000 area, is to offer directly to consumers high quality fresh milk and natural dairy products. The farmer, who started the initiative, found one common solution to solve two problems that he experienced: how to create high quality natural dairy products and how to increase his incomes and to avoid intermediaries. The solution he found is to stop selling fresh milk to intermediaries, to start producing dairy products itself and to control the whole process – from the cow in the pasture to the customer’s plate. Through cooperation with other farmers, local LAG and local restaurants he established various forms of short supply chains, including the establishment of farmer’s shops equipped with ATMs machines for fresh milk as well.  The farmer has significantly increased his revenues from dairy products. This successful business model relies on the combination between the farmer’s control over the process of production and distribution and the cooperation with different local actors. The model not only attracted various and larger consumers groups, but empowered the position of the farmer in the food supply chain. It also improved the position of consumers as the link between them and the farmer became either direct or facilitated by other farmers and/ or restaurateurs.

In the coming months up to 15 novel and fair food systems’ innovative initiatives will be evaluated for their good practices to inspire farmers, consumers and other food systems related actors. Follow us here or visit @COCOREADO website to discover this practical knowledge from different regions in Europe.