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Anthropological Studies


The section “Anthropological Studies” is oriented towards interdisciplinary studies of the human essence using the methods of phenomenology, semiotics, philosophical hermeneutics, psychoanalysis, cultural studies. It develops according to the following Bulgarian Academy of Science’s programmes:

1.4. “Human and Scientific Potential for a Knowledge-Based Economy and Society”;

2.3. “Quality of life and interdisciplinary studies of man and living nature”;

3.1. “Language, literature, art, architecture, ethno-cultural traditions and folklore – Bulgaria’s contribution to the cultural diversity of Europe and the world in historical and contemporary perspective”;

3.3. “The value system of Bulgarian society”.


1. The narrative study of dynamically changing contemporary identities – personal, group, national, and supranational. This requires:
Taking into account the impact of technological innovation on globalization and integration processes; making sense of social time as a symbolic construct composed of layers with different rates of change. So far, the latter have been the object of mostly retrospective research, without taking into account their role in the strategic planning of national policies. The interdisciplinary combination of the methods of phenomenology, semiotics, philosophical hermeneutics, psychoanalysis and cultural studies opens up new possibilities for exploring the multidimensional nature of contemporary identities.

2. The conflicts between common human and religious values, the possibilities of their discursive overcoming and the emergence of a new type of ecological consciousness.

3. The significance of new technologies for the transformation of human corporeality and mentality and the possibilities for the emergence of a new type of social stratification on this basis.


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