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Ethical studies

The Ethical Studies Section at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology is the only independent scientific unit in Bulgaria that has as its subject the study and analysis of morality in Bulgarian society. It was established in November 2010 under the name “Culture, Values and Morality”, after the merger of the sections “Ethics” and “Aesthetics” of the Institute for Philosophical Studies. Since March 2014 it has been separated as an independent unit under its current name.

The section aims at building a unified national and successful inclusion in the international ethical space, tasks that have been consistently defended over the last ten years through the selection of topical issues, the involvement of Bulgarian society and the social subject concerned in discussions on the moral problems and risks of Bulgarian society, successful steps in project activities and international cooperation, the development of the staff potential of the section.

Based on the ethical network created by the Section, national scientific conferences are held, which attract specialists from different scientific fields, colleagues from higher education institutions in the country, and interested social subjects – state institutions, civil associations, NGOs, etc., to discuss pressing moral issues in the life of Bulgarian society.

The theoretical analysis is the basis for the development of expert assessments, expert analysis, and the formation of specific policies.

The section is a base for training of PhD students in the Professional field 2.3 Philosophy, Scientific specialty Ethics, according to the approved curriculum at the Central Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. A wide range of doctoral courses in ethics is offered.


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