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Ethics Committee

MEMBERS (February 2023 – February 2026)


Complaints to the Ethics Committee shall be lodged with the Registry Department of the EFF. Each complaint shall comply with the requirements of the Rules of the Ethics Committee. Anonymous complaints shall not be considered.

Ethical Compliance Assessment Procedure

When requesting an ethical assessment and issuing an opinion, the submitter must prepare a preliminary ethical self-assessment according to a standardized form, which contains the goals, tasks, methodology, expected results and a detailed description of the planned measures and mechanisms to ensure the ethical acceptability of the proposed research activities. When working with respondents, scientists should also attach the prepared forms for obtaining informed consent, as well as other available documents guaranteeing the rights of those participating in the research.

The standardized self-evaluation form is in line with international practice and normative documents and is a useful source of information about the research project, facilitating both the researcher and the evaluation committee.

The request for an ethical compliance assessment is optional, but highly recommended especially for doctoral students and their research. Also, the GDPR requires the observance of well-defined rules when collecting individual empirical information, with which every scientist is obliged to comply.