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Fifth Anniversary of the International Conference “Philosophy Today”

From June 2-5, 2024, the anniversary Fifth International Philosophical Conference “Philosophy Nowadays: Philosophical Approaches on Cultural Heritage, Resilient Communities and Future Times” was held. This edition was special due to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the organization and holding of the first International Conference on Philosophy. It attracts scientists from all continents, and we can report with satisfaction that this year’s anniversary forum repeated this success – 72 scientists, leading specialists in various scientific fields. Co-organizers of this prestigious scientific forum were: the European Society for Procedural Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences), University of Bucharest, Faculty of Philosophy (Romanian Academy), Sorbonne University. Due to the large number of participants, the conference was held online.

Thematically, the conference was divided into 3 main modules. The first module was devoted to procedural philosophy and was held in the first two days of the conference. 17 presentations were given by 18 participants from 11 different (mostly European) countries (in alphabetical order): Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Venezuela, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. What all the reports had in common was the procedural approach to the topics and to the problems discussed. The participants decided to issue a collective collection of articles based on the presentations given, to be published in English by a reputable Western publishing house.

The second module was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Kant, on the topic: PHILOSOPHICAL APPROACHES TO A PERPETUAL PEACE, in which leading researchers on the topic took part. Plenary reports were given by Prof. Fabrice Patou, Center national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) and Prof. I. Mamadzadeh, Director of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences. The panel generated a very lively discussion. Prof. Mamadzade also sent a congratulatory address to the participants and IFS-BAS.

The third module was implemented by two FPs under the “Security and Defense” Project and included international participation at an extremely high level, from leading specialists in the field of futurology and artificial intelligence: Dr. Jerome Glenn, executive director of the Millennium Project (USA) , CEO of the Millennium Project (researching global futures) and lead author with Elizabeth Florescu of the State of the Future 19.1 report, Executive Director of the American Council on the United Nations, Dr. Sherman Cruz – Founder, Executive Director and Chief Futurist of the Centre for Engaged Foresight and UNESCO, Lourdes Rodríguez, representative of Future’s Global Hub, Program Officer at the New York State Health Foundation and defence.

During the conference, reports were given on analytical philosophy, logic, aesthetics, with participants from Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Canada, the Netherlands, Turkey, Romania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, France, the USA.

After the end of the forum, the participants expressed special thanks and congratulations for the high level, professionalism and excellent organization of the organization. committee: Prof. B. Todorova-chairman, Prof. Emer. V. Petrov, Assoc. Prof. D. Angelova, Assoc. Prof. M. Bakalova, Ch. Assistant Prof. S. Pencheva.