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Kameliya Zhabilova, PhD in Philosophy, is an associated professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology – BAS, department “History of Philosophical and Scientific Ideas”. Author of numerous articles in the field of history of philosophy and Bulgarian philosophical culture. Some of her previous academic projects include the following: “The Balkan matrix: Sociocultural Archetypes and modern projections”, “European Influences in Bulgarian Philosophical Culture”,
“The philosophical ZEITGEIST in Bulgarian history of culture”, “Bulgarian intellectuals and the dilemma of national self-identity”

Philosophy of culture; History of Bulgarian philosophical culture; Nietzsche's philosophy; Philosophy and literature; Intellectual history; History of ideas;

“Nietzsche. Topoi of the Spirit”, PH “Faber”. ISBN 978-619-00-1541-3;
“Reflections on Nietzsche In Bulgaria” – In: Philosophical Receptions: Transmissions, Affinities and Originality, PH “St. Ivan Rilski” 2014, ISBN 978-954-353-253-7;
“Nietzsche’s Voice in the Works of P. P. Slaveykov”, PH “Faber”. ISBN 10: 954-775-615-X, 154;

“European influences in Bulgarian philosophical culture” (2011-2014)