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Re-conceptualising urban politics, studying power and marginality alongside the politics of living together in the city. Reframing conviviality. Public marketplaces, the postsocialist city, planning, minorities, publics and gentrification. My endeavours connect theoretical sociology to urban studies, critical urban theory and human geography. Long-term fieldwork in Stolipinovo, a large segregated Turkish & Roma neighbourhood in Bulgaria, engaging with a number of topics: marginalisation, empowerment, racialisation, infrastructure, modes of living together, collaborative production of knowledge. My work there spills over into engaged anthropology and even socially engaged art (co-founder of Duvar Kolektiv, Extending Ernesto Laclau’s Post-Foundational Discourse Theory (PDT) with new mid-range concepts and heuristic tools, in conversation with Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory of Practice. Conversely, using PDT to recover Bourdieu’s sociology as truly poststructuralist. Developing a post-foundationalist understanding of the nexus of new media, populism and propaganda and the retreat of liberal values in democratic societies. Other than that, engaging with studies on conspiracy theories and elaborating a theory of ‘conspiracy narratives’.

Venkov, Nikola A. 2022. “Marketplace Decline Heads East: Neoliberal Reform, Socio-Spatial Sorting and Patterns of Decline at Sofia’s Public Markets”. In: Sezer, Ceren и van Melik, Rianne (eds.) Marketplaces: Movement, representations and practice. London and New York: Routledge, 88-100.
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