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Yana Stefanova graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the “St. Kliment Ohridski” University in 2013, a master’s degree in “Cultural Anthropology” at the same university, and continued her specialisation with a doctorate in the field of Eastern philosophy.
The main areas of interest are the transfer of Buddhist ideas and concepts from India to China, their subsequent reinterpretation through the prism of Daoist practices and teachings, and the emergence and development of Chinese Buddhism as an essentially new teaching. From 2022, she works in the History of Philosophical and Scientific Ideas section, IFS-BAN, as an assistant professor, during that time the focus of her research and interests smoothly shifts to the same mode of transmission, but towards the Western philosophical tradition.

Eastern philosophy; Buddhism; Daoism; East-West;

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East and West: Historico-philosophical context and aspects of reception in an international and national perspective